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Friday, May 22th through Monday, May 25th
The location is Gold Point Ghost Town in Nevada, north 
of Death Valley.

Here is the information - - - - - - - - -
(see map)

See also the links at the end for lots of photos, historical 
info, and a video.

Gold Point, Nevada is an actual mining town that has been
rejuvenated by the dream of one man, "Sheriff Stone", who
has over the last several years bought up much of the town
in order to keep it from decaying into oblivion, and to save
some of the heritage that is the Old West.

Every Memorial Day weekend there is a big festival called
"Memorial Daze" with a food, vendors, gunfights, contests,
raffle prizes, and of course non-stop music -- Bluegrass
and other styles.  Last year there were about 600 visitors.
Admission is free to all activities except food.  Saturday
at 1pm there is a Dutch Oven Stew Contest, and Sunday at
1pm there is a Chili Cook-off.

The dates are Friday, May 22th through Monday, May 25th.
You can arrive a day early on Thursday the 21st, if you like.

We are expecting about 20 Toyota RVs.  We will be dry
camping together in a nicely cleared flat spot that's being
reserved for our group.  It is located on the edge of town,
about a 10-minute walk to the main events.

To sign-up to participate in the Rally there is a one-time
reservation fee of $10.  There is no additional fee per night.
When you call to confirm you are coming, you will get the 
specific location of exactly where to find us.

Friday and Saturday night we will have a community potluck
dinner at the Rally site.  We eat whatever food shows up.
Breakfast is served in town on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,
and Monday for those who are interested.  $7 for bacon,
eggs, sausage, pancakes, potatoes, fruit cocktail, orange
juice, and coffee.

Sunday evening we will all eat together in town at the BBQ
Chuckwagon buffet.  Dinner includes steak, corn, green
beans, baked beans, fries, and cake.  The cost for Sunday
dinner is $11 for adults and $6 for kids, payable at the time.
Or you can bring your own food down to the eating area in
town and eat with us.

Please bring folding picnic tables for our community meals,
as there are none on site.  Also please bring firewood for
the campfires that we'll have every evening.

Where we will be camping there will be no hook-ups or
restrooms.  Therefore it is best to arrive with your tanks
full of water and propane.  Portable generators are allowed.
Porta-potties and showers are available in town.

We are camping close enough to walk to the main event area,
but you are welcome to also bring bikes and/or scooters if
you like.  Pets are welcome on a leash.

Some of the visitors for the festival will be in period dress,
and the "gunfighters" go at it whenever they feel like it,
usually once an hour.

Musical entertainment is continuous all weekend --
morning to night -- by the following bands:
Stuck in Reverse
Gold Rush
The Art Jones Band
and Maria

There are also craft vendors and a huge raffle.

The weather will be warm during the day and moderate at
night, but most likely too windy for tents or awnings.
Cell phone service is rather marginal, so don't count on
friends or family being able to reach you at any given time.

To reserve a camping spot in the area where our group will
be, please call and state which nights you will be coming, 
plus how many folks and pets will be coming with you.  You 
can send your $10 reservation fee via PayPal or by mail.  
You'll then get a confirmation number, plus the specific 
directions for how to find us.

If you have never attended a Rally before, don't be shy —
we always have several first-time folks.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in the Rally with the
group, and park in the special area where we will be, YOU
on the number of rigs we can have, but we need to know how
many to expect.  The deadline for campsite reservations is
Monday, May 11th.  After that, the fee for any late
reservations goes up to $15.

Call Tika at 626-798-4510 to put your name on the list.
Leave a message if you get business voicemail.  Call any day
11a - 9p Pacific time.

Yes, it's gonna be fun!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now for the links section --
Be sure to watch the video in the last link:

These two are links to some great photos of Gold Point
ghost town and of last year's Memorial Day festivities:

Now, here's a link to a Los Angeles Times article that will
give you a perspective on the amazing story of how Gold Point
came to be what it is today:

Here's a link to some more photos:

Here are two links with more history of the town:,_Nevada

Here's the map again:

Now here is a YouTube video about it for you to watch:

Looks like fun, huh!
Hope to see you there soon!