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he Jeff Moskovitz Gauge Pillar Review by Greg 09/10/03

I purchased one of these pillars, a 3 gauge one for my 86 Toyota. I had wanted to add three extra gauges and after looking at all the alternatives like making holes in the dash or mounting them under the dash and not liking any I bought the pillar. I could not be happier. The gauges are easy to see with your field of vision still on the road. Under dash gauges take your eyes off the road. One other problem with under dash gauges is where do you really put them I needed three, I do not have that kind of dash space. And if you get in a bad wreck your legs can fly upwards and those gauges will chop you up! That's just a theory but it could happen.

Installation was easy. The stock pillar cover just pops off. Once you get the gauge pillar places where you want it there are two small holes that must be drilled in the Toyota pillar. Mine came with two screw holes and screws, he even includes caps that fit into the screw head and hides the screws. I did though make an extra screw hole right in the middle.

The pillars come in black only. So I went down to Orchard Supply and got some primer made just for plastic and some brown paint that closely matched my interior and painted it.

Installation of the gauges was simple. I think most gauges will push right into the mounting hole, one of mine did but the other two cheapos from JcWhitney were alittle large. But only a hair and a gentle trimming of the hole worked just right, My personal suggestion is make everything fit before you paint it. Even get your wires and lines in place then assemble it as a package. I actually put in one gauge first because I did not have the other two for about two weeks.

I might also note here. There are some generic fitting gauge pillars you can get where the one fits many different makes, years and models. They are really thin plastic on the sides so that you can custom bend fit and hopefully screw them in so they don't fall off. Jeff's pillar fits like it was made to fit and it is made to fit!

Pricing on these is $74.50 (use link below for current pricing) for the three gauge 84-88 Toyota pickup. They are also available in two gauge configurations and for later year models. Of the 84-88 three gauge pillars he has less than 15 left. It is unknown when he will have another production run.

I highly recommend this pillar if you need a place for extra gauges!

You can visit Jeff's web site and pillar page at

But remember to get the above offer you must contact him directly before purchase at