Florida Toy In

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2004 Toy In

They came from Missouri, Maryland and Marathon in the Florida Keys, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and Florida were also in attendance. They came in Dolphins (83,84,89,90,91), in Warriors (90,92) in an Americana Odyssey (91)  in a Damon Escaper (86) and a vintage Huntsman (85). Yes, the Florida 2004 Toy-In Parts One and Two were a lively success. Of course Part One had an extra attraction in that the second day we had to evacuate from our original campground to a local school parking lot because of an out of control brush fire. But, nonetheless all went well and we continued our pot luck dinner featuring Dan B’s Gumbo and Jay’s sausage entree as well as Tom G’s Dutch oven made peach cobbler dessert. Meeting for the first time and sharing/discussing/comparing was an enlightenment enjoyed by all. We had several owners making their shakedown/maiden cruises at both Toy-Ins. What discoveries we did enjoy. Ed M. and Vaughn R. (The WiFi Guys) put a new twist on going wireless .They also won the furthest traveled award and were both on their shakedown cruise, wow what pioneers.  At the Part Two Toy-In Linda and Ivan from Georgia, walked away with two awards, first winning the fastest time in popping down Jay’s PopUp screen room and secondly for having the oldest rig in attendance. Indeed we were all in special company and I have been asked. “would I do it again?” and my answer is an astounding, “ABSOLUTELY!!!” Soooo Toyfolks til we meet again, may you all have the wind at your backside, flat terrain, OD engaged and great gas mileage…


One more thing if any of you from the ToyotaCampersGroup are passing through here in Pensacola please give me a heads up, I can stage a mini micro Toy-In at a moments notice..



 Jay B Pensacola, FL

91/92 Warrior V6 Auto 96K

rear bath with spare underneath