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Karen's 1983 Custom 4x4






This unit started out as a regular 4x4 pickup in 1983; it was professionally converted to an RV in 1988 by a company which has since gone out of business. I am the second owner and have had it for 15 years. I have personally driven it for 60,000 of its 138,000 miles and most of those miles have been great fun and adventure. The unit is clean and is in decent shape for its age.

vehicle size:
length: 17.5 feet bumper to bumper
height: about 114 inches
width: coach body 81 inches, mirrors are wider
weight: 5160 lbs. with fresh water, propane, and gasoline tanks full
• fresh water: 30 gallons
• grey water: 17 gallons?
• black water: Porta-Potti (sealed, portable, disposal in any toilet or dump station)
• water heater: 6 gallons
• propane: 7 gallons?
• gasoline: about 13.5 gallons. Figure on a 175 mile range in 2WD without much headwind.
• people: 2
• 1983 Toyota
• 22R engine (4 cylinder)
• 5-speed manual transmission with high and low range 4WD on demand
• 139,600 miles
• 13.5 to 14.5 MPG on unleaded regular
• Everything on truck chassis is stock for a 1983 pickup except that a standard Toyota 1-ton dual-wheel rear axle has been added.
• self-contained
• Truck converted to RV in 1988 by a commercial camper manufacturer, no longer in business, in San Marcos, San Diego County, CA.
• bathroom with Porta-Potti, shower, and sink
• Dometic 3-way refrigerator (110V, 12V, propane)
• 4-burner propane stove with oven
• stainless-steel double sink with single-lever faucet
• on-demand 12V water pump
• double bed in cabover area
• plenty of reading lights
• lots of windows, all with metal mini-blinds
• 105 amp-hour deep cycle marine battery in coach
• 6 good all-terrain tires
• Sony one-CD stereo
• pre-wired for roof air conditioning (110V)
• 12V fan